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Arkitainer Village

Arkitainer Tiny Homes Village will provide a grassroots model for long-term, affordable housing that is more accessible, sustainable, and independent of government subsidy.

We plan to build on our success rather than duplicate it. While Arkitainer Tiny Homes focuses on transitional housing we will provide more accessible, and sustainable places to transition to.

The housing will be roughly 160-320 sqft with a kitchenette, heat, a/c, and electrical hook-ups. Arkitainer Tiny Homes Village will be supported by common gathering, kitchen, and restroom facilities.

Residents will tentatively make monthly payments of around $450-$600 toward the value of their tiny house building an asset for the future. If a resident decides to leave the village, they will then be able to sell the equity accrued back to Arkitainer Tiny Homes Village.

Help us spread the word! If you’re in support of ending homelessness with affordable tiny homes for homeless military veterans please donate to the Arkitainer Tiny Homes Village donation link below.

Thank You!