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Have questions about our custom shipping container RV homes?

Check out the FAQs Below, or Call Arkitainer Tiny Homes Serving the United States

Arkitainer Tiny Homes offers a 5-year warranty. The RV homes are rated for four seasons, and are fully winterized with all plumbing lines located inside the unit. They can also be renovated when necessary. Each unit is built to order, and delivered to your property.

The individual units range from 160 square feet to 320 square feet, also can include slideouts like a traditional RV or park model home. They also include solid steel walls, with 2x4 walls interior with 3 inch foamboard insulation (R-15) in the walls, roof, and floor. The doors are solid metal, and the windows are argon filled frame inserts into 2x4 metal frames. Exterior features include a Corten steel roof, and various color choices, interior features include an 8’-6” interior ceiling height, custom cabinetry, vinyl flooring, electric fridge, propane stove, and microwave, full size tub or shower, incinerating toilet. We offer Tesla Solar Panels, and Power Wall.

 1. Will metal shipping containers be subject to rust and corrosion?

When treated correctly, no. If a container does rust, it must be encased in a specialized oil-based coating. This will protect the container from additional rusting and corrosion.

2. Am I allowed to put a shipping container home anywhere I want?

Shipping container homes are a new concept to many neighborhoods and HOAs. In most cases, you’ll need to find land for your new home. We build many custom shipping container homes in United States, Canada, and Mexico.

3. Do custom shipping container homes comply with all building codes?

Just like traditional homes, shipping container homes in United States, Canada, and Mexico must comply with all local building codes. This includes passing a third-party inspection. Each house we design is built to code based on Florida, and California  guidelines and requirements. We’ll take care of all the permits, too.

4. Are shipping container homes hurricane and tornado proof?

Hurricanes, tornadoes and hail are significant threats to homes in United States, Canada, and Mexico. Your custom shipping container home is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions. For more details about the durability of the shipping containers homes we build in Austin, TX, contact us today.

5. How much do custom shipping container homes cost?

Each home is unique and are priced differently depending on the design, engineering and site prep. Though we can’t give you an exact price until we consult with you about your home’s design elements, we can tell you that building a custom shipping container home is more affordable than building a comparable custom traditional home. However, any custom home, traditional or alternative, will likely cost more than a reproduced stick-built home design.

6. Can you build commercial buildings from shipping containers?

We can construct buildings of all types with shipping containers. Some of the designs that can be applied commercially include:

Tiny Houses

RV’s / Park Model Homes

Military Barracks and Dorms

Bed and Breakfasts

Air bnbs


Hunting Cabins

Food Vending Facilities 

Retail Stores

Mobile Boutiques


Shower Houses

Shooting Ranges

Safe Rooms

Underground Bunkers

Homeless Shelters

7. Can I have input on the design of my container home?

All of our projects are 100% custom. We’ll tailor all of our services to fit your style and budget. If you’re not sure what you want, we have some existing designs we can use to create your new home.

8. What areas does Arkitainer Tiny Homes build custom homes?

Most of the custom shipping container homes we build are in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

9. Can you add a facade to the cargo containers?

Don’t want your new house to look like a shipping container home? No problem. We can add facades or other coverings for an additional charge.

10. Will my new home be well-insulated?

We insulate all custom shipping containers we build in Austin, TX with closed cell spray foam insulation with an R-Value 14 (R14) when sprayed 2” thick. This will create an airtight seal that keeps your new home comfortable all year long.

11. Will utilities be more expensive?

Custom shipping container homes are all about efficiency. When we design your new home, we’ll make sure your HVAC system, water heater, insulation and windows are as efficient as possible.

12. Are these homes good for families with small children?

Shipping container homes are perfect for families of all sizes. We build each aspect of the home to make sure it’s safe for each member of your family. To learn more about the steps we take to keep your house safe, contact us today.

13. Do you perform turnkey projects or just build custom shipping container homes?

We have the resources and experience necessary to design and build your project from concept to completion.

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